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About Us

As a seasoned professional with a diverse background and a proven track record, I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge. My career as a Corporate and Business Banker has equipped me with a deep understanding of various industries and the intricacies of financial operations.

As an Economist, Chartered Accountant, Marketing Professional, Financial Advisor, and Insolvency Professional, I have honed my analytical skills and developed a reputation for resourcefulness in finding innovative solutions to complex challenges.

I am also an experienced Digital Marketer and Tech practitioner. My Technology expertise extends to Salesforce Administration, Sales, Service, Experience Cloud, and Platform App Building. Having earned the prestigious Platform Developer Certification, I possess the technical know-how to collaborate with developers and steer projects toward success effectively.

All these skills come together as a business coach with a specialized focus on Sales and Marketing. My expertise lies in guiding businesses towards achieving optimal performance in these critical areas.

Our role at Dalton CRM involves assisting companies in strategically implementing Marketing, Lead prospecting, and Sales process systems. We empower businesses to navigate the complex landscape of sales and marketing with confidence and efficiency.

One of the critical pillars of our business coaching is using Salesforce technology. This powerful tool is the backbone for digitally transforming systems, enabling businesses to harness the benefits of automation and streamlined processes.

In Marketing, our coaching delves into creating and executing effective strategies that resonate with the target audience.

Regarding Lead prospecting, your expertise shines as you guide businesses in developing systematic approaches to identify and nurture potential leads. Our strategies encompass traditional and digital methods, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient lead-generation process.

We work closely with businesses in the Sales domain to optimize their sales processes.

Overall, our business coaching services intersect with strategic consultancy and digital transformation. We equip businesses with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in the competitive sales and marketing landscape through a tailored approach and a keen understanding of Salesforce technology.