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Established in Dublin in 2018, Clear Strategy is a fast-growing Data and Analytics company, whose goal is to help customers use Data to make their businesses better. The company was set up based on a single, yet compelling, insight; how organisations use Data determines whether they succeed or fail. With an ambition to be recognised as ‘the No. 1 Data Company’, Clear Strategy helps clients use their data better to develop granular and immediate actionable insights to drive better business performance

The Clear Strategy team have unrivalled depth and breadth of experience in the data space, with the two company directors, David Fitzpatrick and Julie Collison, having specialised in this area for more than 20 years. Both have held senior data leadership positions in a number of large organisations.

Clear Strategy offers a broad range of data services which include Data Strategy, Data Architecture and Implementation, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions, Data Visualisation, Data Governance, Training, Data Literacy, Data Manage Services and more, including Data Project and Programme Management.

Unlike many of their competitors, the Clear Strategy team do not just focus on the technical aspects of data. They have vast business experience, both strategic and operational. An important part of the company’s recruitment process is that the members of the team have worked in Industry. The Directors emphasise “we have been the Customer - we've 'walked in their shoes' so we understand their challenges. We know what works and we know what doesn’t”.

A further differentiator for Clear Strategy is the significant emphasis they place on is End-User Adoption and Business roll-out of data solutions they deliver. Once the technical elements of a solution are deployed, Clear Strategy work with their clients to help them become ‘Data Literate’ and embed their data solutions into their business effectively, so that all employees can ‘speak data’ and use it with confidence to drive better business results. “We help companies build and nurture a Data Culture. When the culture is right, the results will follow”. (David Fitzpatrick, Director).